We know teachers are busy and we know the work that needs to go into creating a successful French exchange experience. That’s why we’re the perfect partner to take care of all the details so you can get back to doing what you do best. Our flexible programs, compliance with child safety standards and our competitive prices mean we’re the perfect choice for your school’s exchange experiences.

We have flexible programs

We understand that many schools and teachers have programs already in place that they want to preserve. We can work with you to create programs that fit not just the needs of your school but the personalities of the students.
With almost two decades’ experience in facilitating exchange experiences between Australia and France, we can:
· Help you organise travel
· Provide international support
· Manage the risk and compliance with Child Safe Standards
· Work with you to meet the needs of your school community

We offer full flexibility on the dates, pricing models, inclusions such as tours, and we can, of course, accommodate any teachers who would like to travel with the group. We work to support teachers by providing a program that adds value to your curriculum and enriches the lives of your students.

We’re compliant with VIC and NSW Child Safe Standards

The new registration system is in place to help schools and parents navigate and decide between their program providers. The VRQA has a process to accredit organisations, including a screening to certify their structures. This ensures they compliant with the Child Safe Standards.

The new child safe standards are robust and a great step towards safer environments for children. However, these new standards may affect some of your existing preferred programs or change the responsibilities of your school. Here at AFX, we’re the only VQRA Accredited Student Exchange Organisation working exclusively with France (with similar accreditations in NSW).

For more information about these new regulations and how they may affect your school’s existing programs, and for details about our accreditation, Get in touch.

We provide true cultural and language immersion

To give students the best chance of a positive educational outcome, they require a customised language-based program that fosters the key foundational attitudes of respect, openness, and curiosity. Living the everyday experience of a different culture builds cultural self-awareness, cultural competence and allows students to see what lies beneath the surface of the “cultural iceberg.” Our participants are carefully matched with a French correspondent of a similar age and personality, then, they attend school and socialise with their correspondent and live with their family. We also limit the number of students in the same school in France so each one can become completely integrated into the French way of life. Our track record proves that students who click with their correspondents are more likely to talk and share, improve their French, have amazing experiences and create bonds that can last a lifetime.

We’re the specialists in programs to France

We exclusively offer programs to France. This means we have a depth of knowledge and
experience that allows us to create programs to France for young Australians that offer a truly immersive cultural experience.
Our programs are endorsed by the French Embassy in Australia, who have even created a scholarship exclusive to our students.
Plus, ours are the only programs in Australia that the Alliance Française network has chosen as a provider of choice for high school students seeking a real French cultural and language immersion.
To find out more about our long history and our French and Australian team, visit our about page.

Our prices are competitive

Our starting price for a six week program in France is $3550 (not including airfare) and $4975 (including airfare). This includes everything from travel insurance to a trip to Paris. These are the prices for individual enrolment. We offer discounted rates for school groups with bonuses such as pre-departure French lessons at the Alliance Française. Please get in touch with us for a quote.

What makes our program stand out

Flexible in dates

Flexible in duration

Tailor Made