Student Exchange Program

Your student exchange program accredited by the Department of Education.

If you are looking for a student exchange program compliant with the National Guidelines for the Operation of International Secondary Student Exchange Programs in Australia (NCCISSE), this is the one for you.

If you would like to know more about these guidelines, you can download the NCCISSE’s Guide or go to our FAQ’s.

How we choose your correspondent & host family

As per the guidelines of the NCCISSE, AFX ensures:

  • An in-person interview with all host family members aged 18 years and over residing in the home
  • Verifying that every person 18 years and over residing in the home has undergone a Criminal Record Check.
  • All parties agree to the double placement prior to the second student being accommodated with that host family. 
  • Placement with single adult host parents without children SEOs must ensure that a potential single adult host undergoes a secondary-level review


Getting to France

Those travelling as part of a group are escorted by an AFX representative or chaperone on the flights. Upon arrival in Paris, students are greeted at the airport by a member of our French team and any host families located close to Paris.
For students hosted by families in regional France, we’ll help with transfers once you reach Paris. One of our representatives will also be present at the airport upon departure.

We can organise chaperones from other departure cities (Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide) but these are subject to group numbers.

If needed, you can also choose to travel to France with the group and return on a different date. Or vice versa.


What makes our program stand out

Exclusively French

Our depth of knowledge and experience, as well as being French, means that we offer exquisite immersive cultural and linguistic experiences to France.
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We treat every student as an individual with their own distinct personality and passions, and then carefully match them with the perfect French correspondent.
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Our starting price for a six-week program in France is $3550 and offers many inclusions as a part of the program. Our prices vary depending on the program you want to participate in and the duration of your stay in France.
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We’re the only Australian student exchange organisation sending students exclusively to France that meets the strict safety standards needed for government accreditations.
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AFX Student Exchange is a registered not-for-profit student exchange organisation (SEO) in NSW and VIC. As such, AFX offers student exchange programs compliant with National and State Guidelines for Secondary Student Exchange Programs (potentially the One Way) but also cultural tours and language immersion programs which are not compliant with National and State Guidelines for Secondary Student Exchange Programs because these programs are not falling under the definition of a student exchange programs. The Reciprocal and private boarding school programs.
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Like us, Alliance Française are committed to providing experiences to Australian students to improve both their French language skills and appreciation of French culture. We have an exclusive partnership with the Alliance Française in most Australian capital cities. As part of our partnership, we run special deals and events for our participating students.
Visit our partnerships page to find out more.
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Our starting price for a six-week program in France is $3550 and offers many inclusions as a part of the program. Our prices vary depending on the program you want to participate in and the duration of your stay in France.
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Student exchange program


According to the National Code of Conduct for International Students in Schools (NCCISSE), it is mandatory for all student exchange programs to be conducted through a registered not-for-profit Student Exchange Organisation (SEO), such as AFX Student Exchange. It is noteworthy that hosting a French student by an Australian school or family is not obligatory. Therefore, school principals are advised to liaise exclusively with registered SEOs to facilitate such programs
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AFX student exchange programs comply with the NCCISSE whereby the Australian student enrolls in a full-time school program in France for a minimum period of three months or one school term, whichever is shorter. Note that in Victoria, the minimum period is 28 days due to the requirements for the enrollment of overseas students in Victorian government schools. Inbound exchange students participating in programs of more than 28 days duration in Victoria must obtain a student visa. Under similar conditions, students from France undertake study in Australia.
Inbound students must obtain overseas student health cover (OSHC) for the full period of the student welfare dates in their AASES form. An SEO must ensure that the student exchange programs it provides to outbound Victorian students comply with all relevant visa and health insurance requirements of the host country.
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Exchange students bear the responsibility of meeting the requirements of their granted visa, maintaining full-time attendance at school, adhering to appropriate behavior in accordance with the relevant exchange program's terms, and complying with school policies, regulations, and enrollment conditions while also abiding by the laws of the host country.

Additionally, they must ensure they depart from the host country after their exchange program or visa expiration. If AFX Student Exchange deems it necessary, leave the host country earlier due to circumstances that render further participation in the program inappropriate.
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French students need an Australian student visa (subclass 500) to study in Australia. AFX Student Exchange requires an AASES form for each inbound student to obtain a visa to the State Registration Authority. AFX Student Exchange is responsible for ensuring students adhere to the agreed welfare dates. French students also need overseas student health coverage (OSHC) for the duration of their approved period of study.

AFX Student Exchange is responsible for guaranteeing compliance with France's visa and health insurance requirements for outbound Australian students participating in their exchange programs. This includes consideration of any reciprocal health care agreements that Australia may have with the destination country in question.